Yet another SPARQL GUI, funded by

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What is it?

YASGUI (Yet Another Sparql GUI) is a web application to query any SPARQL endpoint. I work on this tool as a pet-project, as I could not find any other SPARQL graphical user interface which fits all my requirements:

  • Work on all endpoints (not just the CORS-enabled ones)
  • Multi-platform (i.e. a web application)
  • Easy-to-work user interface (i.e. prefix fetching, syntax highlighting/checking, storing queries)


  • Query syntax highlighting and checking
  • Accessing -all- endpoints (including CORS-disabled ones, or endpoints on your localhost)
  • Prefix autocompletion (using prefix.cc)
  • Endpoint search and autocompletion (Using CKAN and the Mondeca Endpoint Status Catalogue)
  • Query permalinks
  • Persistent application states between user sessions
  • Query bookmarking
  • SNORQL-type navigation
  • Works offline as well
  • Configurable requests (e.g. for adding soft-limit=-1 in queries to a 4-store endpoint)

Issues and feedback

Did you encounter any issues? You can file an issue via YASGUI (see Configure YASGUIReport a bug), or submit an issue directly on github. For other questions related to YASGUI, feel free to contact me me directly.

Used services and libraries