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Unstable version


  • Autocompletion for properties (#197) and classes (#141)
  • Autocompletion for endpoints not accessible by YASGUI server (e.g. localhost endpoints) (#204)
  • Persitent query results between user sessions (#191)
  • 202,192,193,194,190,188,189


  • Added offline functionality to YASGUI (#112, #184, #185, #187)
  • Improved configurability of YASGUI allowing for more flexible depoyments (#134, #146, #149)
  • Now specify named/default graphs per request (#136)
  • Improved notifications when new features are introduced (#155)
  • Option to reset YASGUI user settings (#157)
  • Easier switching between output formats (without the need to re-run a query) (#166)
  • Auto-indent functionality for SPARQL queries (#167)
  • Submit github bug or feature request from the YASGUI interface (#178)
  • 182,128,130,131,132,135,137,142,143,148,150,155,170,171,173,159,129,169,164,162,151,156,160, 179, 177,90,161,172,76,175



  • Automatically add prefix if it used in query, not declared yet, and available in prefix list from
  • Improved endpoint fetching. Take advantage of all the extensive CKAN endpoint information, but filter the results using Mondeca.
  • Improved error handling: show error msg (not stacktrace) in production mode
  • Fixed support for running yasgui in single endpoint mode (#82)
  • Fixed support for firefox versions < 12
  • Improved endpoint search and autocompletion interface
  • Added elaborate error message when user tries to query cors-disabled endpoint on localhost
  • Use of actual flint sparql grammar now, instead of slightly modified own version


YASGUI is actively developed since july 2012. However, maintenance of the changelog only started from this point (february 2013) onwards.